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Seed Project

We give back to nature what we take from it. As part of our social and environmental responsibility, from February 2021, we are working on a seed planting project.

We deliver seed of the Tillandsias Multiflora variety, to reseed in the cloud forest in the Department of Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

Forrest in Santa Rosa, Guatemala
Aiplant Seeds in Guatemala
Aiplants Seeds in Guatemala
Tillandsia Seeds in Guatemala
Tillandsias Seeds in Guatemala
Tillandsia Seed in Guatemala
Tillandsias Seed in Guatemala
Airplant Seed in Guatemala
Airplants Seed in Guatemala
Tillandsia Seed from Guatemala
Tillandsias Seed from Guatemala
Airplant Seed from Guatemala
Airplants Seed from Guatemala
Tillcorp Social Commitment

A long-term commitment

In 2021, we have donated 15,000 seeds of Multiflora and 5,000 seeds of Fasciculata to be sown in a lot of between 40 and 100 trees located within a virgin natural forest.

We hope to have mother plants in 3 years. Our commitment is to do this planting at least 2 times a year.

This project is part of the social responsibility policy of Tillcorp, a company committed to its country and its community.

The Tillandsia production is an artisan process, thorough and delicate

It takes, for a mother plant raised from seed, to become a mature plant, from 4 to 6 years from germination, making the offspring to become highly valuable when you buy it because they are not a massive product made quickly

We have our farms in Guatemala, a country with unique geography that has been recognized as an area with one of the most Tillandsia variety in the world