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Tillcorp social commitment

Social Commitment

As part of its Social Commitment Policies, Tillcorp carried out the construction of a building for a school in the community where it has one of its farms, donating land, materials and equipment.

Guatemala has one of the highest poverty rates in Latin America, and it is our commitment to facilitate communities access to an education that allows them to create a dignified future.

Our company employs more than 90% of its personnel, directly from the towns and areas surrounding the farms, giving work, food and education to all these people.

Tillcorp is a Socially Responsible company.

The Tillandsia production is an artisan process, thorough and delicate

It takes, for a mother plant raised from seed, to become a mature plant, from 4 to 6 years from germination, making the offspring to become highly valuable when you buy it because they are not a massive product made quickly

We have our farms in Guatemala, a country with unique geography that has been recognized as an area with one of the most Tillandsia variety in the world